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Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Yoga and mindfulness can teach children important skills for looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. Our classes and programmes offer fun relaxed yoga and mindfulness activities that develop compassion, empathy and curiosity.

Yoga Class

Why yoga and mindfulness for children?


There is evidence to show that children and young people's mental wellbeing has declined in recent years. Childhood and young adulthood brings many changes and challenges already and the modern world adds further pressures to this stage of development. Yoga and mindfulness can help alleviate anxiety, build resilience and create a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness. Building a healthy habit like mindfulness early in life can also help us navigate adulthood with peace and compassion.


Family Yoga

Looking for an activity that you and your child can enjoy together? Whether you're a parent, grandparent, godparent, auntie or uncle, family yoga can provide an opportunity to enjoy a shared experience. We spend much of our lives going from one thing to the next, enjoying focussed time together can build connection, trust and support.


We work with families, schools and organisations. Our teachers are fully trained and insured with enhanced DBS checks and full paediatric first aid training. If you want to learn more about our yoga and mindfulness for children programmes then please book a free 20 minute informal consultation with Rebecca

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