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Mindfulness for Children & Young People

Children and young people of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, non-judgemental attention to the present moment. Our programmes and workshops offer fun relaxed activities that develop compassion, empathy, focus, and curiosity. Children also learn through the behaviours of the adults in their lives so we like to involve parents, teachers and caregivers too, promoting happiness and relieving stress for them.

Nature Class

How mindfulness can help

Childhood and young adulthood brings many changes and challenges. School, growing up, developing relationships can all create stress and uncertainty. Mindfulness can help

 alleviate anxiety, build resilience and create a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness. Building a healthy habit like mindfulness early in life can also help us navigate adulthood with peace and compassion.



We offer a wide variety of mindful activities and games to play but one of the best ways to teach children mindfulness is through modelling such behaviours. This is why we encourage parents, teachers and caregivers to get involved and/or embark on a mindfulness course themselves.


We work with schools, organisations and families to offer mindfulness sessions to children and young people in North Tyneside and Northumberland. We offer in person sessions in these areas and can also adapt to a blended learning approach. If you want to learn more about our mindfulness for children and young people programmes then please book a free 20 minute informal consultation with Rebecca

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